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Who We Are

Mission Statement:

Our mission at Mary A. Dryden Veterans Memorial Elementary School is to provide students with a rigorous academic program where students are empowered to use their minds well, care for themselves and others, and become critical thinkers and problem solvers. 

Our educators are committed to effective collaboration, implementing differentiated, personal instruction, and using resources and technology to maximize learning and acceptance for all within the Dryden classrooms and school community.

Commitment to Diversity & Inclusion:

At Mary A. Dryden Veterans Memorial Elementary School, we believe a diverse and inclusive school community makes us better informed, more compassionate, and better prepared to effect positive change in our community and in the world.

Our families, students, leadership and staff represent an increasingly broad spectrum of economic backgrounds, family structures, abilities, challenges, racial, ethnic, and gender identities. We believe this diversity of experience equips our students with the perspectives and skills necessary to thrive in a complex, multicultural, and increasingly connected world.

We strive to provide a culturally informed, safe, and welcoming
environment for all!



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